Dunmore Capital Partners is not a traditional private equity fund. We’re looking for a single business and will devote all of our effort to its long-term success.


We are looking for a situation where an existing owner is looking to exit the business and desires to have a seamless ownership transition without their company being a victim of financial engineering, acquired by competitors, or relocated oversees.


We seek to invest in companies with a corporate conscience. We understand the sensitivity surrounding employees, customers and the greater community and will conduct a quick and confidential diligence process that minimally affects your business. An honest and transparent partnership is the cornerstone of our business dealings.


After we buy a business, we will run it ourselves full-time. Unlike other prospective buyers:

  • We won't tear the company apart, rushing to replace existing management and employees
  • We have no defined exit timeline

Instead, we will run the business personally for the long run, making adjustments over time as seems prudent once we get to know it at a deeper level.

See what else makes us different.


We invite referrals of interesting businesses and pay customary referral fees to intermediaries in the event of a completed transaction. Contact us if you have something which may fit our criteria.